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literally laughing out loud to this
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the good times are killin’ me

Your drive to foster good interactions has just become even more powerful with the Moon moving into this same zone. Spend extra time creating a sense of peace and harmony. This is also a strong time for new ideas and plans revolving around a home or family matter.”

Funny that I’m feeling/thinking this way tonight. So many nights I had spent complaining about my job, or having a shitty night, or not making enough money… I had forgotten how to enjoy a night at work and cherish the time spent working with some really awesome people. Yeah, I had a good night, but even before I realized how much money I had made serving tonight.. It dawned on me that I hadn’t realized how much I’d missed my friends. 

Also, I’m extremely fucking grateful. Some people can’t even get a job right now. Sooo many people are going to graduate without a job, or an offer for after college. And lastly, not many people can work a six hour shift and say they averaged about 25$ an hour. I just want to go into work with a positive attitude today, but I also want to help change the culture at work. I realized that recognition is really important. A simple, “You did a really great job today!” Can easily put a smile on anyone’s face. Offering help and expecting less from others. That is key.

Also watched a TED talk for homework that was really interesting. In this day and age, we have too many choices. SO many choices. The satisfaction from choosing whatever it is that we choose, lessens more as the options we have to choose from increases. We keep wondering, what if the other choice would have been better? The speaker noted that he has been teaching for a very long time and he now gives 30% less work, not because people aren’t as smart or competent, but because young people have been faced with more options than ever before, and the thoughts consume them.

The next one I watched was about body language. The power that your mind has to change your body, also works the other way around. Your body has the power to change your mind. Using power positions to help you fake it till you make it. But not really faking it, just doing it until you are it, until you become it. Altering your body can ultimately substantially alter your life. 

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remember like 2 years ago when christmas stopped feeling like christmas for some reason

This post creeps me out because it is absolutely true 

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pretty colors

last semester of college: not interested in going out and getting wasted every night. more concerned with my actual school work and studying. it is funny to see someone who has judged others for their lifestyles previously, now doing the same shit they judged others for. not judging, but it seems to be an everyday occurrence that my friend is going out and getting wasted and making bad choices. concerning… but whatever.

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